Power 15n

Turntable Motor Power Supply

Listening Test

Power 15n is an AC DC AC converter, which is an equipment  that I designed to convert AC line voltage  into DC voltage, then convert it bak  into a high-quality AC voltage to be supplied to the turntable motor so it can performs  its best performance.

Besides producing high-quality AC voltage Power15n is also equipped with a speed setting that can help you switch from 33rpm to 45 rpm or vice versa without moving the belt position on the motor pulley.

Unlike few TT motor supply that use swtiching power supply and PWM method, Power15m uses linear power supply and linear amp configuration to prevent low noise  output.

Power 15n




Aplication of Power 15n
Power 15n designed to produce very clean and stable AC supply feeded into Turntable AC Motor. Power 15n also equiped with RPM setting to let user easily change from 33RPM to 45 RPM or vice versa, wtihout moving belt at pulley.

Listening Test of Power 15 first generation
Done from 2002 until 2005
* Power 15 First Generation
* Townshend
* Linn Basik
* Linn Valhalla
* VPI TNT Junior
* Clear Audio Annyversary

Listening test of Power 15n :
* Nottingham Analoque Spacedeck
* ClearAudio Master Solution
* Simon Yorke  S7

Spesification of Power 15n
Output Power : Max 15W
Frekuensi : For 33 1/3 RPM 49Hz - 51Hz, margin setting 0.1 Hz, default 50Hz
For 45 RPM 67,2Hz - 67.8Hz, margin setting 0.1Hz, default 67.5Hz
Frequensi Accuracy : 0.01 Hz
Output Terminal : 1pc schuko
Dimensi : WxDxH = 29 x21 x12 cm
Weight : App 8kg

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